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Medical test tube

Mould steel: S136 (heat treament), or on request.
Mold holder: 50# steel or standard mold holder.
Number of chambers: 1X16/1X24 (according to customer’s requirements)
Runner: Cold runner / Hot runner
Mold’s life: over 1 million times
Cooling system : cold water

(Heat treatment-quenching in mold core ,high surface hardness and wear resistance)

Modeling software: UG, PRO-E, CAD, etc

Mold life : Different materials lead to different life span, but at least 500 thousand times

Delivery time: 45-60 days

Packing :Wooden box (can be packed on request)

Medical test tube

Material: PP
Specifications: Normal test tube
Size: 5 ml test tube
Manufactor: Sheng Hua Plastic Mold Factory

Our factory specializes in the production of various medical supplies, inspection supplies mold.  Reliable quality at a reasonable price.  We have our own research and development team and mold production vehicles and various production equipment.  We can provide you with one-stop service for design, mold opening, production, etc.

Packing:wooden case

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