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Plastic basin for growing vegetables and flowers

Mould steel: S136, H13, 718 or on request.
Mold holder: P20 or standard mold holder.
Number of chambers: 1X16/1X24 (according to customer’s requirements)
Runner: Cold runner / Hot runner
Mold’s life: over 1 million times
Cooling system : cold water

(Heat treatment-quenching in mold core ,high surface hardness and wear resistance)

Plastic basin for growing vegetables and flowers


Modeling software: UG, PRO-E, CAD, etc

Mold life : Different materials lead to different life span, but at least 500 thousand times

Delivery time: 45-60 days

Packing :Wooden box (can be packed on request)

Mold Customization Process

1.Customers provide 3D drawings or samples of the products.

2.We analyze the molding process, mold structure and manufacturing process.  Ensure the mold life and mold requst to meet customer requirements.

3.Design of injection mold drawings, and mold manufacturing scheme confirmed by customer.

4.Mold processing – tooling component processing

5.Mold assembly – mold trial

6.Delivery of plastic samples – samples confirmation – mass production or mold export

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