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Plastic Injection Molding Design Guide

In this section you will discover information directly related to injection mold processes and good part design. Designing better parts initially will help ensure a smoother transition to production and faster delivery of your new products.

Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Mould Factory specializes in manufacturing plastic molds, providing mold injection molding and mold processing services. Our factory owns 11 sets of injection molding machines. We can satisfy the processing requirements of various injection molding products. We specialized in providing one-stop service for mold design, manufacturing, injection molding, spraying, screen printing, assembly, etc.. The molds we made related to home appliances, daily necessities, automotive, electronics, medical, food, home, office and other industries.

The equipment of our factory is complete, strong technology, good reputation, successfully designed and manufactured a large number of injection molding products. We sincerely hope that the majority of users can come to have a visit and come to negotiate business, we will use our experience of 20 years in injection molding processing to serve for you.

Expert Team

Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Mould Factory has an independent mold manufacturing R&D team that can cooperate with customers to complete the design of plastic products and molds. Not only the mold structure and manufacturing process, mold flow analysis,but also the part molding process. Our factory provides product design and mold design, injection molding processing, electronic product assembly and other integration services, allowing customers to one-stop purchase of plastic injection molds and plastic products, so that customers can focus more on the core business and increase the competitiveness in the market.

Advanced Equipment

Our mould workshop has a large-scale high-speed CNC machining center, large mirror spark machine, walking silk, measuring machines and other high-precision CNC mold processing and testing equipment. The specific equipment includes: CNC machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, wire cutting machines, spark machines, drilling machine lathes and the injection molding machines. Our mold processing equipment grinding accuracy 0.02mm, discharge accuracy 0.05mm, wire cutting accuracy 0.02mm .

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance: our supply chain system of the injection molding plant is perfect, we have good cooperation with mold material supplier such as ASSAB, LKM, Daido Steel, China Fushun Special Steel etc.. Plastic raw material supplier such as LG, Bayer, SABIC etc.. So we guarantee that all the injection mold products and plastic products are made according to the quotation confirmed, the product meets the requirements of the national certification and strictly fulfil the terms of the contract.

Delivery Commitment

Delivery commitment: Our company promises that all production will be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the sales contract. If there are changes in the drawings or other unexpected causes during the production period, we will issue the revised schedule for you, so that you can grasp the progress of production in time.

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Dongguan Sheng Hua Plastic Mould Factory, located in Dongguan,China, was founded in 1997. It is a medium-sized enterprise specializing in mold design, mold manufacturing, product development and injection molding.

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